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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


Col laboreu amb nosaltres i ajudem junts a les abelles
Collaborate with us and help the bees together

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Beekeeper with Honeycomb


At the Apicultors Montgó association we are people who are sensitive to nature and, above all, to bees. In love with our culture and our territory, committed to preserving the socio-cultural and environmental heritage for future generations.
An association born to promote beekeeping in our region based on the recovery of our identity and our environment.

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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


  1. Promote the local economy from Beekeeping.

  2. Difundir la salvaguarda de las abejas en la población escolar por preservar el medioambiente defendiendo  nuestra cultura, tradiciones y_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_customs.

  3. Be dynamic agents in the work of incorporating young people into an agriculture that provides us with quality food and a healthy life.

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¡Muchas gracias por vuestra colaboración!

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Do you have questions about Apicultors Montgó or are you interested in being a part? Contact us, we are here to help you.

School Group 37, 03740 Gata de Gorgos, Alicante

‎+34 644 21 25 53

Thank you for your message!

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